Dental Medical Center

Address: 1 Zoolohichna St., Kyiv, 03057


Director: Dina Shpak

The Dental Clinic of the Bogomolets National Medical University is a unique educational and medical institution in terms of its organisation and purpose, which provides highly qualified and specialised outpatient consultative and medical care to the residents of Kyiv and all other regions of Ukraine, as well as trains future dentists.

Today, the main goal of the Dental Clinic is to provide advanced and specialised dental care, training, retraining and development of medical practitioners according to the standards of higher education, conducting research, development, testing and implementation of new medical technologies.

The University Dental Clinic is the main training base of the Dental Faculty, the main task of which is to provide the best standards of higher medical dental education in Ukraine.

The centre provides a substantial amount of medical care: the total number of patient visits per year averages about 240,000, including more than 100,000 children, and more than 1,400 patients are treated annually in the anaesthesiology department under general anaesthesia on an outpatient basis. On average, the Dental Medical Centre sees and consults up to 1,200 patients with extremely severe dental lesions every day, and also receives patients on referrals from rural and urban clinics.

The centre provides dental care to privileged categories of people. Since the beginning of the anti-terrorist operation in the east of the country, the Dental Clinic has treated and provided prosthetics to more than 1,200 ATO soldiers and their families free of charge.

Since 2005, the centre has been providing paid dental services, the income from which is fully used to cover the centre’s needs and upgrade its material and technical base.

The treatment and diagnostic process is provided by an X-ray department with 7 X-ray machines, an anaesthesia department that is fully equipped, a clinical diagnostic laboratory, a physiotherapy department and a dental laboratory with 73 workplaces.

Up to 2500 students and interns, 86 postgraduate students and clinical residents study at the centre. Currently, more than 300 workplaces are used for this purpose, which enables individual practical training for each student.

Students undergo theoretical and medical training in 68 training and treatment rooms with 271 dental units, in 12 classrooms: three of them have 36 phantoms, and there are three computer rooms and 2 lecture halls. Students study dentistry from the 2nd year of their studies, and start working directly with patients in the centre from the 3rd year under the supervision of the centre’s doctors and teachers. A mandatory stage of exams is the work with patients, which is assessed and affects the overall grade in the discipline.

The Dental Clinic provides highly qualified and specialised dental care to patients with various types of dental diseases and their complications.

To maximise the effectiveness of dental care, the Dental Clinic has modern dental surgeries with all the necessary equipment for effective patient treatment.




The DMC has an electronic registry and a local computer network which allows registering and processing documents electronically, considerably minimising the use of paper and facilitating medical records, registration and doctor’s work with documentation. The highest-qualified ENT doctors, professors and associate professors of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology of the University, provide consultations at the DMC of NMU.

Thus, a multidisciplinary approach is provided with the participation of specialists and diagnostic capabilities of the DMC of NMU, including the use of CT-3D diagnostics.

Emergency dental care was provided by DMC doctors in compliance with The Resolution of the Chief Sanitary Doctor No. 19 of 9.05.2020 “On Approval of Temporary Recommendations on the Organization of Anti-Epidemic Measures in the Provision of Dental Care for the Quarantine Period in Connection with the Spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)” and the Order of the Head of the KSCA Emergency Response “On Amendments to the Order of the Head of the Emergency Response of 25. 03.2020 No. 2 “On Measures to Eliminate the Consequences of the Regional Emergency, which belongs to the category of “Medical and Biological Emergencies” code 20713 “Emergency Situation Related to the Epidemic Outbreak of Dangerous Infectious Diseases”.

The staff of the Dental Clinic and the Faculty of Stomatology consists of 15 professors, including 1 corresponding member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, 17 MDs, 86 PhDs, 29 associate professors, 152 assistants. Every day the Dental Clinic of NMU treats and consults more than 500 patients with severe forms of dental diseases, accepts patients on referrals from rural and urban polyclinics and private dental clinics. The treatment and diagnostic process is provided by the X-ray department with 5 X-ray machines, anaesthesia department with full modern equipment, clinical diagnostic laboratory, physiotherapy department, dental laboratory and the laboratory of computer modelling and digital dentistry, which was created this year, which is the only one among all state dental institutions in the country.